New in Bedroom Design


Create a stunning bedroom design by incorporating multiple hues, shades and patterns of blue. Wallpaper or paintings are a unique opportunity to creatively add color, texture and depth to your bedroom design. Blues compliment yellow, oak and brass tones, so go for tones that match. The Duke Solid Wood Bed is seen here paired with the Mergold Night Stand. This functional, matching night stand features three convenient drawers to store all your night time necessities. Add an accent night light like the Luxor Industrial Loft Table Lamp in a unique antique brass finish to add that bespoke touch to your bedroom design. If space allows, enhance your private sanctuary by adding a lounge chair, like the Contour Lounge Chair seen here. Browse these and more online at

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The Sweater Weather



Find more other great pieces to compliment this cosy and heart-warming style at Decor8!

It’s time to take you interior style to the next level so shop for furniture with Decor8 and get your items swiftly delivered to you!

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Modern Ideas in Waiting & Sitting Spaces



Creating an effortlessly stylish space is all about the details. Start designing your living room or reception area by setting out one goal – to create an awe worthy stage that is attractive and easy on the eyes. A spectacular sitting area can be made by always remembering to pair a side table with a waiting chair or lounge chair. If you have the space, create a symmetrical sitting area by flanking your side table on either side wiith matching side chairs. Here we’ve featured the Larsen Lounge Chair, which is customized with a rich walnut colored frame and paired with a custom mustard yellow fabric upholstery. Tight on space? Consider utilizing the smaller sized Larsen Dining Chair for an excellent space saving furniture choice. Try to match your side table with your side table. If your side chairs use dark wood legs, its best to match those legs with a similar or complimentary color like darker tones. To keep a clean, minimalist feel, you can opt to keep your side table free from any accessories, however there are an aboundless amount of opportunities to increase the beauty of your waiting area set up. Try adding a photo frame, your favorite candle or coffee table book. To finalize your stage, lighting is key to setting the mood. You can use a floor lamp or table lamp, but to free up space, opt for ceiling lamps to create maximum impact. As seen here we have the Nelson Criss Cross Style and Nelson Globe Style ceiling lamps which can be set alone or grouped together to form an eye dazzling chandelier.

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Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Hours

Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Hours

Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Hours

Happy Mooncake Day! Another year rolls by where we celebrate this joyous occasion with family and friends. During the night you maybe out playing with lanterns but what can you do during the day? Why not gather your family and friends to go furniture shopping? Treat yourself, your friends and family to some excellent house warming gifts.

Without further ado here are our mid-autumn festival holiday hours:

Thursday 15th September 11AM-8PM
Friday 16th September 12PM-7PM
Saturday 17th September 11AM-8PM

Don’t be shy, pay us a visit and you may even bag yourself a bargain on the way out. Our doors will be open for you so come on down and browse around.

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Top Tips to Spruce up Your Bedroom




Even when the day is pure chaos, your bedroom is the one place where you can call your oasis; a place where you can spend some quality along time – a.k.a. your relaxing retreat. A bedroom in white is chic and classic in all ways. White instills a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. As such, it is calm and inviting. It is ideal for small spaces as it maximizes light and gives the illusion of a larger space.

Think pure white can be boring? Accessorize with some colourful accents in order to make the space more dramatic and modern! Here are some simple, practical ideas for a fresh start to set a new tone for your entire living space.

Layer your bed with stylish floral print pillows. No doubt this is the most effective small design you can make on a minimal budget. Cushions add character to a bedroom and provide different levels of texture which can make a room fabulous. This Chinese-rustic-patterned Modern Oriental Decorative Cushion add some oriental style to your interior space to create an eclectic themed space and sets a breezy, relaxed mood to your bedroom.

Make your bedroom a relaxing, villa-like retreat by putting a vase of flower on your bedside table. The Talon Moveable Side Table with Wheels in light wood finish is perfect for warming up this white bedroom. This table with wheels is advantageous for moving around your room, transitioning from a bedside table to a small coffee table where you can enjoy your first morning coffee in your comfy, cozy corner.

Wood and white are a classic combo. The combination of white and subtle earth-toned colours results in a very restful ambiance. The Ascott Solid Wood Bed, is the perfect companion to this side table and the whole neutral coloured bedroom design, depict a soothing and classy environment.

There are some more tips to consider like adding a minimalist painting or a matching rug, which can also make an impressive impact. Whether you prefer a minimalist, vintage or romantic style, there are an boundless number of possibilities for your white bedroom. So go ahead and get bold on your blank canvas.

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