Best Industrial Dining Rooms Ideas for your Home

Industrial style is becoming more popular nowadays. Industrial elements can always blend in with your existing design at your home no matter you prefer a more modern or vintage look. Dining room is one of the most essential rooms in a house, it is worthy to put some effort there, enjoying meals and gatherings with the one you love in this cool and stylish dining room. 
A simply way is to select a table and chairs with contain wood or metal, or both. Table with wood top and dark metal frame such as our Woodrow Industrial loft style table and Berger industrial loft vintage table is simple, stylish and practical. Chairs with wood or metal legs will match very well with the table. But if you want something more special but not to too overwhelming, the Kante modern loft dining chair is the option for you. The chair is comfy with simple design, the PU leather and unusual thin metal leg design can defiantly attract guests attention.  

工業風格如今變得越來越流行。 無論喜歡更現代還是複古外觀,
工業元素都可以隨時與你現有的設計融為一體。 飯廳是最重要的空間之一,值得付出多點心思,在這個時尚的飯廳與親友用餐及交流。
飯枱採用木面及深色金屬框架,如Woodrow Industrial loft style table 和 Berger industrial loft vintage table,簡約,時尚又實用。
木或金屬造的餐椅與餐桌非常匹配。 如果你想要一些餐椅特別又不太浮誇, 可考慮Kante modern loft dining chair。 它設計簡潔,十分舒適,彷皮配以不常見的幼身鐵腳設計,定能吸引賓客的注意。
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Marble Coffee Table Ideas: Bergen Nesting Table

Nesting coffee table are a great choice for minimal space, it is one of the best space-saving furnitures with their unique stacking function and design. Just slide them out when you need more table surface, then stack them back when finished. 
The Bergen Marble Nesting Tables with Brass Frame is elegant, stylish, stunning and space saving. Marble is one of the most popular materials for furnitures nowadays, supported with brass frame adding a touch of glam to it. This paring of nesting table are brimming with simplistic elegance, and it adds some modern flair to the living room too.
節省空間。 大理石是當今最受歡迎的家具材料之一,配有黃銅框架,
增添了一絲華麗。 嵌套餐桌的裝飾簡約優雅,為客廳增添了一些現代風格。
Bergen Marble Nesting Tables with Brass Frame是一款優雅,時尚,又節省空間的茶几。
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Spring and May is all about fresh and lively. Pink is one of the most popular pastel color that perfectly fit the season of spring. Try to place some furnitures in pastel and white color, with some brass accent can definitely enhance the overall vibe of your space. Simply place a pinky velvet stool, or the grand table lamp with frost glass shade and gold/brass base can easily alter the style of the room to be clean and gentle feeling.
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Combine Tulip Dining Table with Wishbone Chair

Tulip style dining table and Wishbone style dining chair are the classic and have a versatile aesthetic with different style. Tulip style dining table is sleek and modern, round top with single stem-shaped leg gives it an minimalistic look. Wishbone style dining chair is a beautiful mix of Chinese and Scandinavian element which is very remarkable and iconic. 

How about combining Tulip style table with Wishbone dining chairs together? They are surprisingly matched as the table and chairs have a nearly homogenous structure, the Y shape frame of Wishbone style chair goes very well with the table as it is not visually that solid and hindering.

Having the Tulip style dining table with Wishbone style chairs in the kitchen is a great idea, especially if there is not very spacious of the area. It is very convenient as well to cook and dine in the same area. The minimalist Tulip style table and the space-saving Wishbone style chairs can blend in with any modern or traditional style of kitchen. 

You can also consider setting your dining area in a nook area with your Tulip table, it save space by setting in the corner, plus the existence of Tulip style table is so outstanding that will stand out from the crowd even it is in the corner.

Tulip style餐桌和Wishbone style餐椅是經典的傢具,呈現出不同風格的美學。Tulip style餐桌既時尚又現代,其圓形頂部及流線型底座給人一種簡約的外觀;Wishbone style餐椅是中國和北歐元素的完美結合,中西合璧,非常具標誌性。

令人驚訝的是,Tulip style餐桌和Wishbone style餐椅這兩不同風格原來能這麼匹配。桌子和椅子均具有相稱的結構,椅子的Y形框架與桌子非常合配,因為它在視覺上不會礙眼。

在廚房裡擺放Tulip style餐桌和Wishbone style餐椅是一個好主意,特別是如果該空間不是很寬敞的話。在同一空間烹飪和用餐也十分方便。極簡主義的Tulip style餐桌和視覺上節省空間的Wishbone style餐椅可與任何現代或傳統風格的廚房融為一體。

您還可以考慮把Tulip style餐桌放置在客廳的角落以節省空間。Tulip style餐桌的優雅精致,即使在角落裡也能脫穎而出。

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Kids furnitures in Decor8

Decor8 features bunch of different kids furniture for your choosing. Ranging from kids chairs, sofas, playmate, bunk beds, playhouses to wall arts. So easy to create your children’s dream room.
Everything about the kids furniture is adorable. We have mini size of Decor8 table, Oliver chair, Chester sofa and bean bag. You can have a matching furniture with your kids besides clothing!
The kids can have colourful and energetic furnitures to welcome their guests and friends, they can have games, homework, meals together in the specially design items. The overall room is gonna be special, comtemporary, showing their style. There are various colors of furnitures for kids to choose, they can fully handle and choose what they want!
Sounds attractive? Don’t hesitate to visit our website now! All items are shown in our website

Decor8有各種不同的兒童家具供您選擇。 從兒童椅,沙發,雙層床,遊戲屋到掛畫。 輕鬆地創建孩子的夢想房間。
關於兒童家具的一切都很可愛。 我們有迷你尺寸的Decor8餐桌,Oliver餐椅,Chester沙發和豆袋。 除了衣服,你現在還可以與孩子一起配一樣的家具呢!
孩子們擁有著色彩繽紛,充滿活力自己的家具,讓他們大方地歡迎他們的客人和朋友,他們可以在特別設計的家具一起玩遊戲,做功課,一起用餐食零食。 整個房間將是特別的,當代的,輕易展示他們年輕的風格。 各種顏色的家具供孩子們選擇,讓他們可以完全掌握和選擇他們想要的東西。
聽起來很吸引? 不要猶豫,立即訪問我們的網站。所有項目均顯示在我們的網站 ,歡迎參觀

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Modern and Timeless Sofa

The living room is the most commonly used by family members and friends, so the selection of furniture in the living room directly affects the sense of home space. One of the most essential furniture is the sofa.

The Florence sofa provides a modern, timeless design which immediately enhance the style of your room’s decor. The classic patterns on the seat and back cushion, with the metal legs offers this versatile design a modern and elegant vibe to your furnishing needs. With fabric or leather finish of the sofa that provides and ensures your comfort and enjoyment. 

客廰是家人最常聚集使用,因此客廰的傢具擺設的選用,直接影響居家空間觀感。其中沙發是擺放在大客廰最主要的傢具之一,Florence sofa的設計歷久彌新,其現代端正的風格詮譯了優雅柔和的居家風格。座椅和靠背墊上的鈕扣和線條、配合乾脆利落的金屬底部,輕易為客廳營造出舒適俐落的感覺。

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The lounge chair that take the interior design to another level

The design of Jacobsen Style Lounge Chair is truly timeless. Despite its age it is still very popular because this chair can definitely make spaces look beautiful and sophisticated, integrated effortlessly into modern and contemporary interior decors.

The Chair can stand out with their iconic form alone in any interiors. For instance, it can sit in the corner standalone of the living room but still looks exquisite. When used in combination with its matching footstool, they are a gorgeous pair which highlight their simplicity, sinuosity and elegance from the design. 

This iconic chair is available in a variety of different colors and materials, including some very bright and vibrant ones. This diversity makes it even more versatile. 
Jacobsen Style Lounge Chair雖已有幾十年歷史,但其設計是永恆的。時至今日,它仍然非常受歡迎,讓空間看起來美麗而精緻,毫不費力地融入現代室內裝飾中。

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The importance of a good sofa for your living room

Sofa often set the tone for the whole room and space where it is placed when it comes to design. There are bunch of different styles from which to select, each of which will affect other furniture sand accent pieces so as to reach at an aesthetically pleasing as well as cohesive design. 

Our Florence sofa provides comfort with its foam filled cushioning and seat which sits on a supportive  base. It is an instant transformative piece for the living room or family space, the sofa offers a classic and stylish ambiance. Versatile and current, the sofa works well with any existing decor, immediately enhancing a space and taking it to the next level. Available in various material and colors, it is so easy to create the perfect vibe for your living room. 

打造舒適美麗的家,是每個人的夢想。沙發通常為整個房間和空間的設定基調,市面上不同的沙發設計為室內空間打造不同的氛圍和風格。Florence sofa的外形提供經典而時尚的感覺,正方的外框配以簡單的金屬底部,大氣且簡單俐落,輕易勾勒空間。Florence sofa可做布或皮沙發,十分容易融合不同裝潢及風格,為你的客廰營造理想的感覺。

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Amazing Ways to Use Pendant Lights for Your Interior

There are a lot of different ways we use pendant lights. Pendant fixtures are used for general lighting, area lighting and task lighting. We use them in our entry halls, stairwells, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and family rooms — even on our porches. We use pendant lights to light up narrow hallways, to highlight our photos, paintings and sculpture, and to add sparkle to a fountain. Pendant lights, in one form or another, often provide the lighting we need almost anywhere in our homes.
The Nelson style pendant lamp includes different shape, the polymer cocoon covering is diffused the light, enhancing of atmosphere of elegance and softness.
吊燈可在入口大廳,樓梯間,餐廳,廚房,臥室 – 甚至在走廊,可謂無處不在也不可或缺。 我們使用吊燈照亮狹窄的走廊,突出我們的照片,繪畫和雕塑,並為噴泉增添光彩。 吊燈以這種或那種形式經常提供我們家中幾乎任何地方所需的照明。
除了照明的功能外,選擇外形突出的吊燈也能為室內加強設計風格。Nelson style的吊燈系列有不同的形狀,其白色外罩及簡約經典設計絕對可以令室內氛圍更柔和及高雅。
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Chester Sofa Collection

Chester sofa is a classic piece of furniture in timeless design, we can make it in different materials such as fabric, velvet and leather; and in any size as well. 
There is more variety these days but the most classic probably be the brown, dark brown leather sofa, making a stylish and classic statement in the reception, and add a dark touch to a neutral space. 
Black leather Chester sofa is another option for classics, which is suitable for many interiors from masculine and industrial to farmhouse and minimalist ones. 
A bright and colourful Chester sofas is a great idea for reception too, from the most refined to the most industrial or minimal. 
Pair with similar or same color in other simple style sofa to stand out the Chester sofa. Different style of coffee table ranging from simple modern to classic luxurious will match with the sofas, enhancing scene of the interiors.   


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