8 Spots to Feature your Ottoman

Decor8 Ottoman

Multi Functional ottomans can add that little flair to your space


Since its inception in the late 18th century, the ottoman was conceived of as a central furniture piece for family seating piled with cushions. It slowly evolved to be utilized for multiple areas of spaces by changing its shape and positioning – against walls or in an endless range of sizes and shapes from circles to octagons. Today they are our day to day multi-functional furniture necessities. Ottomans are no longer just for sitting but for style and adding personality to a room. They are nice pieces to add the finishing touches to the room. While 8 Spots to Feature your Ottoman showcases the top examples, the locations are vast.

Ottomans come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials. Setting a style tone with a couple of ottomans or just one, makes an excellent choice because they are easier and cheaper to replace than a large piece like a sofa. Leather styles brings out the elegance and class of your room, whilst bold colours give a modern, young look which can “wow” your guests.

This post will showcase 8 Spots to Feature your Ottoman. Ottomans can be placed in conventional ways and unconventional ways. Let’s go through some of the places you can place them:

  1. Ottomans can be used as coffee tables. Consider using one with an interesting shape and colour to bring some attention to the middle of the room. Our range of mini cake ottomans can be considered for this purpose. They come in five different colours: Brown; Blue; Green; Red; Gray. That isn’t all, each colour comes with 3 shades with the top being the darkest and the bottom being the lightest. There are a range of shapes to choose from: Mini Square; Mini Round; Biggie Bench; Biggie Cake Round. The great thing about these is the fact that the covers can be removed and washed.
  2. Place one or two around a coffee table for extra seating options. If you use small ottomans like the Mini Honeycomb Ottoman then you can move them around. These are great as accent pieces and you can use them as footrests too.
  3. Place one where you get dressed. One with storage will be a great option for this since there will be extra room for clothes and/or shoes. Want something soft and cute? Why not have a look at the Mini Cake Ottoman with Storage. These come in the same colours as the mini cakes mentioned in #1. Want something a little more classy and elegant then check out the Florence Ottoman Storage Unit Wood Legs. The nice thing about this is that it has a few customisations in size, fabric, and colour. The genuine leather fabric that this can come in will make the room dazzle in a glamorous style.
  4. Have a desk in front of your tv? Why not add a stylish ottoman bench underneath which provides extra seating for guests. You could pull the bench out and gather your guests to chill out watching movies or have a rowdy gaming session. A great choice for this purpose would be the Florence Style Bench Ottoman. Given the same options as the Florence Ottoman Storage Unit Wood Legs and looks great in any colour. Just make sure you choose a colour that will complement the desk.
  5. Add an ottoman in the middle of a group of chairs and make it big so you can all share it. Astor Ottoman is definitely the best choice for this one because the size is nice and big. It comes in six colours and you can choose your own style for the room. You could have it match your chairs or go for a bold color to make it stand out. Want more of a grand style then why not try the LC3 Grand Modele Ottoman. Whilst this is smaller, it is still big enough and with the leather/metal combo, this is sure to be the talking point of your little get together with your guests.
  6. Have a window with a great view? Why not put a ottoman bench up to it so you can witness that wonderful scenery with all its glory.
  7. Add one at the foot of your bed for a place to lay out your clothes for the following day. You can choose one which has storage so you have an extra storage space for clothes.
  8. Why not place a set under a console table near the entry to your house/apartment. This will make a great place to put on or take off your shoes.


These are just eight of the possible placements you can place your ottomans and there are many more. They can go just about anywhere and with some creativity and imagination, you can come up with a great place to style your home.


Decor8 has a great range of ottomans with reasonable prices. For more ottomans click here to see our range.



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