A Little Asian Flair for Home: The Khan Drum Stool

A Little Asian Flair for Home: The Khan Drum Stool

A Little Asian Flair for Home: The Khan Drum Stool

The chinese garden stool, also known as the drum stool, has been a popular decorating accessory, adding a little asian flare to a space while being versatile enough to serve many functions within the home. Decor8 Hong Kong furniture would like to present our very own chinese drum stool to you, the Khan Drum Stool.

Believe it or not, the style of this Khan Drum stool has been around for at least 1,000 years and first originated from China. They were believed to have been found from the Buddhist garden tradition. The fascinating thing about this drum style stool is that it has never gone out of fashion with all these years that have past.

The Khan Drum Stool are great decorating accessories that can be incorporated into the home serving as extra seating, table or just an accent piece. Thankfully these stools aren’t too heavy so you can use them for extra seating whilst moving them around if needed. You could even try this design idea, Place a narrow table behind the sofa and have the stools tucked away underneath. This way you can keep them out of the way when not using them but also keeping them visible to your guests.

Placing the drum next to a sofa or lounge chair, gives you a beautiful place to store small items that you may use on the chair like tv remote controls, a book, and other things you may need close by. As well as adding them to modern styled homes, they also look amazing in classical homes turning into a staple item for many years.

If you decide to use them as accent pieces, you could strategically dot them around the room while placing decorative items to make them pop in your room. This adds color and life to the style of the room. Other than the Khan Drum, you could even consider the Dynasty Drum.


Written By: Tom Wu

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