Accents of the Sea

Accents of the Sea

Accents of the Sea

Don’t you miss the warm sunny beaches that you are use to experiencing? We seek for warmer places and mostly stay indoors with winter descending on us as the temperature falls. Don’t let that get you down and make you feeling blue. Why not try a themed look in your interior to give your room some style and fun? Make it an interior you would be proud to stay in during the cold winter season.

A theme that the people at Decor8 Hong Kong Furniture adore is the accents of the sea. This is all about mixing wood pieces with white, beige, and different shades of blues. Let’s focus on some small accent pieces you can use in this theme.

Firstly let’s take a look at the Leitmotiv Orbit Side Table. This lovely table features a top surface that is smooth with a beautiful tint of mint green. The legs are made of solid wood, which makes the table strong and sturdy.

Another great piece is the Jacobsen Style Floor Lamp. Whilst this floor lamp comes in a few colours, we want to point your attention to the seafoam blue version. This elegant sleek looking lamp has a tiltable lamp shade allowing you to redirect the light to your desired spot.

Both the Leitmotiv Orbit Side Table and the Jacobsen Style Floor Lamp are great pieces to incorporate into your space. Why? The answer to this is the simple fact that these two pieces can be placed just about anywhere in the room. Both have small footprints, which means they take up little floor space that contributes to the versatility of placement within the interior space.

Drop by our showrooms during this festive season to check other great items to add to the accents of the sea theme. With endless promotions all month, you wouldn’t want to miss the great deals that Decor8 Furniture has on offer to you.

Written by: Sam Cheng

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