Add a Little Nature To Your Wall-Natural Tree Trunk Wall Clock

Add a Little Nature To Your Wall: Natural Tree Trunk Wall Clock

Add a Little Nature To Your Wall: Natural Tree Trunk Wall Clock

Are you at the final stages of designing your room? Need something that can complete the look of the room? Let’s take a look at the Natural Tree Trunk Wall Clock from Decor8 Hong Kong furniture. This beautiful clock is desired by people that love the great outdoors but how exactly do we make this clock fit well into the room. If you have gone with earthly tones in the room then this clock would work wonders to complement the style. If you are clueless about what earth tone actually means, it’s a pretty simple concept. Think of the style as a spectrum of colours inspired by Mother Nature herself. So what this means is think about the colours you see outside. Everything from dark brown tree bark to the greenest of grass are all part of the earth tone family.

For most people in Hong Kong that pays rents for their living accommodation, they often don’t have the luxury of changing colours for the walls and floors. In most places I have seen, you usually get the combination of wood flooring with a plain colour wall. Furnishing is what makes the style in this case. Back to the topic of earth tones, try not to go for colours with all the same colours in different gradients. This makes the room dull and boring. What you could do is mix earth tones with brighter colours by using accessories to test it out.

By adding the Tree Trunk Wall Clock to the wall it adds a timeless feel to the room. The growth rings on the clock face really brings out a sense of nature going through time. To really show off this clock place it on a light coloured wall. The great thing about this clock is that no two pieces will be the same since the wood is cut directly from a tree. The hands on the clock are made from Aluminium and is operated with CE Quartz movement. If you love this piece then you might want to check out our desk clock version in our Decor8 furniture collection.

Written by: Ashley Canterbury

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