Add A Splash Of Color To Your Living Room

Add A Splash Of Color To Your Living Room

Add A Splash Of Color To Your Living Room

After all the dull weather we’ve been getting, it’s nice to get some sunny bright weather. Let’s add some of this brightness into our homes. Brighten up your life even more by adding a splash of colour to your living room. Here at Decor8 Hong Kong furniture, we have a colourful multipurpose ottoman just for you. We present to you the Decor8 Biggie Cake Ottoman. This lovely ottoman is available in five colours but that isn’t all. Each colour comes with three gradient shades to add even more colour to your room.

The Biggie Cake Ottoman is constructed with a wooden inner frame then padded with foam to give it a soft feeling. The legs are made from solid wood. They are attached to the ottoman with a metal support panel and bolted on with three screws on each leg. Each Biggie Cake Ottoman comes with one removable and washable slip cover. You can even purchase an extra cover if you so wish. This will allow you to change up the colour as often as you like. The available colours that these slipcovers come in are shades of brown, blue, green, red and grey.

No matter where you place the Biggie Cake Ottoman and how you use it, it is a piece that would make an amazing addition to any room. You could place it up to your sofa to make your own L-Shaped sofa or as a place to rest your feet. You could use it as a ‘soft’ coffee table but don’t forget your serving tray if you plan to put food and beverages on top.

Want something that can go great with the Biggie Cake Ottoman? Try it’s miniature version, the Mini Cake Ottoman, this comes in two shapes in either round or square.

If you want to view this product before you buy, then drop by one of our showrooms and you can even test it out if you wish. So what are you waiting for? Add this ottoman into your home and brighten up your life!

Written by: Sally Shaw

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