Amazing Ways to Use Pendant Lights for Your Interior

There are a lot of different ways we use pendant lights. Pendant fixtures are used for general lighting, area lighting and task lighting. We use them in our entry halls, stairwells, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and family rooms — even on our porches. We use pendant lights to light up narrow hallways, to highlight our photos, paintings and sculpture, and to add sparkle to a fountain. Pendant lights, in one form or another, often provide the lighting we need almost anywhere in our homes.
The Nelson style pendant lamp includes different shape, the polymer cocoon covering is diffused the light, enhancing of atmosphere of elegance and softness.
吊燈可在入口大廳,樓梯間,餐廳,廚房,臥室 – 甚至在走廊,可謂無處不在也不可或缺。 我們使用吊燈照亮狹窄的走廊,突出我們的照片,繪畫和雕塑,並為噴泉增添光彩。 吊燈以這種或那種形式經常提供我們家中幾乎任何地方所需的照明。
除了照明的功能外,選擇外形突出的吊燈也能為室內加強設計風格。Nelson style的吊燈系列有不同的形狀,其白色外罩及簡約經典設計絕對可以令室內氛圍更柔和及高雅。

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