Awesome Table Lamp For Your Desk

Awesome Table Lamp For Your Desk

Awesome Table Lamp For Your Desk

Don’t you agree it can be annoying when light gets away from you whilst you are working at your desk? Having to get up to turn the light on can often distract you or make you lose your train of thought. You know what most people tell me? It’s bad to use a computer in the dark but it’s not the end of the world. This usually leads to eye strain, dry eyes and headaches. Decor8 Hong Kong furniture has the solution to this problem with an awesome table lamp for your desk.

The Leitmotiv Lil’ Brass Key Table Lamp looks beautiful and cute on the desk. It’s small, doesn’t take up much table space, and is most adored by the ladies. This table lamp is made with white metal and brass details. This gives this light fixture a trendy retro look and features an adjustable lampshade. This is the perfect designer table lamp for illuminating and accenting study and work areas, bedrooms, and living rooms.

Whether you want the light to be lower or higher, this table lamp can be adjusted in height. If you want something that doesn’t take up any table space then you could opt for the floor lamp version. You could even choose to get both to brighten up the room. They can serve as decorations as well as providing you with a light source for you to carry out your tasks.

The Leitmotiv Lil’ Brass Key Table Lamp looks great on any desk. You can even decorate it by putting some of you favourite mini figurines on its base.

Want to see the Leitmotiv Lil’ Brass Key Table Lamp in person? Drop by one of our showrooms to view this small yet stylish looking lamp. With the paint job as white as snow and the shiny brass key, this is sure to be one of the favourites for the ladies.


Written by: Sam Cheng

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