Beautiful Mesmerizing Elegant Lighting

Beautiful Mesmerizing Elegant Lighting

Beautiful Mesmerizing Elegant Lighting

Remember when we first introduced this fluffy light fixture back in 2014? If not here is the feature we did back then. So why are we featuring this again? The answer is simple because this is a huge hit amongst our lighting collection. The beautiful mesmerizing elegant lighting of the Vita EOS is now available in a special light brown edition.

I fell in love with this lighting having seen it in the Decor8 Hong Kong furniture showroom in Wan Chai. The Vita EOS Light Brown Pendant Lamp was suspended from the ceiling with a lovely warm romantic glow. This cosy and pleasant glow radiating from it with the light bulb being shielded, makes it perfect as a light source that isn’t blinding. A natural favourite for ladies like me who loves anything fluffy.

So what’s to love about this? Where do I even start? First and foremost, is how it was made with authentic bird feathers. Each of these feathers are carefully positioned and attached on to the paper core by hand. Something that comes to mind is how do we clean and maintain the beauty of this lamp? Routine cleaning is easily done with a hairdryer. The key is to have it on a low setting gently blowing into the lampshade.

The Vita EOS Light Brown Pendant Lamp is simple to mount on virtually any socket within seconds and even comes in a beautiful well presented gift box.

It wasn’t hard to figure out where to place this lamp as it looks great just about anywhere. You could hang it above your dining table, in a hallway or even as a centrepiece lighting. Another option that you could do is hang them in a group to create a unique look in your room. What about getting a tripod stand to turn this lamp into either a table lamp or a floor lamp? With this many options, you’ll surely be pleased and have a light fixture for any situation.

Written by: Samantha Johansson

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