Beautifully Crafted Storage For Your Shoes

Beautifully Crafted Storage For Your Shoes

Beautifully Crafted Storage For Your Shoes

Do you have shoes lying around the apartment? Hate tripping over your shoes when you leave the apartment or come home? If this applies to you then you may want a beautifully crafted storage for your shoes in your home. For a solid piece, you could refer to the Snelson Solid Oak Shoe Cabinet. This beautifully crafted shoe storage helps to clear your space making it look less messy and cluttered. The most important thing is that it removes any sense of danger from shoes being left all over the floor.

The Snelson Solid Oak Shoe Cabinet is manufactured from natural solid oak imported from Northern America. It features two small drawers providing space for smaller accessories that you may want to keep close to your entryway. The doors on the cabinet conceals shelving storage for your shoes. These doors are attached to the cabinet with quality metal hinges to add strength and make them durable.

Overall, the cabinet is suited for the Hong Kong climate and it’s changing weather. The whole cabinet is coated with a hardwax oil finish to protect it from the harsh tropical humid environment experienced in Hong Kong.

Placing the Snelson Solid Oak Shoe Cabinet near an entryway is the perfect place to place this cabinet. This allows you to easily access your shoes when you need them. You could consider to add a bowl for your keys on the top of the cabinet or even a vase with some flowers on it to keep the area looking fresh.

So what are you waiting for? Get to measuring and incorporate the Snelson Solid Oak Shoe Cabinet into your home and start organising your shoes. You’ll never have to worry about tripping over a stray shoe ever again!

Written by: Elijah Woodly

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