The Best Lounge Chair and Wall Lamp Set


The Best Lounge Chair and Wall Lamp Set

The Best Lounge Chair and Wall Lamp Set


Got an empty space but don’t know what to fill it with. For a stylish piece why not try the DCW cowhide dining chair. This chair is small enough to fit in tight spaces and large enough to be a lounge chair. This comfy and stylish dining chair comes in two cowhide variations. The two variations are: brown and white cowhide with a light walnut veneer frame; black and white cowhide with walnut or black veneer frame. The DCW cowhide chair is also the perfect height for dining room tables and also comes in a non-cowhide version. This DCW Wood Dining chair has three veneer finishes to offer: Walnut; Ash; Black.


Add a unique wall lamp such as the Prouve Potent Wall Lamp to add some lighting and wow your friends with this combination. The Prouve Potent Wall Lamp has an elongated arm which is adjustable. Its opaque light globe provides a soft ambient light. The Prouve Potent Wall Lamp is an iconic lighting accessory that extends out far enough so it could go above dining room tables. This wall lamp comes in two sizes with a short one at 110 cm in length and the long one at 203 cm in length.


This combination between the DCW cowhide dining chair and the Prouve Potent Wall Lamp works well together in different situations. Consider these scenarios:


You are playing a video game on a handheld console or reading. Having this combo of chair and light will allow you plenty of light without worrying about knocking a lamp over.


Having your meal at a dining table and you don’t have a ceiling lamp? The Prouve Potent Wall Lamp can be a great alternative since it is bright and movable.


Want something to match your cowhide chairs? Why not check our range of cowhide products to find some beautiful pieces to mix and match.

Written by James Collins

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