Black, Grey, and White

Black, Grey, & White

Black, Grey, & White

Thinking about a color scheme for your room? How about the black, grey, and white look? With a white background, adding dark items into the room can give you a wonderful contrast. Add style by including a contemporary Novak Scandinavian style sofa. This popular sofa provides comfortable seating with a timeless design that works with a lot of styles.

If you want to set up your space for romance then you may want to try the minimalistic Albers Side Table with candles occupying the top surface. This sleek side table is both light and can be easily moved around the home when needed.

Try some small accessories to add the finishing touches to our black, grey, and white interior. The well-placed artwork on the wall can may your space look sophisticated and stylish. Complement this with a gorgeous black Cowhide Cushion that offers a luxurious feel to your sofa. If you’re the type to

If you’re the type to like lounging on the sofa then why not add a blanket to your sofa. This provides the ability to snuggle up and get comfortable whilst you relax on the sofa. You’ll want to keep with the same color scheme so it would be best to include a black and white blanket.

Want to try this look for your own space? Check out all the amazingly priced items that we have to offer at Take home a bargain that will be willing to keep for many years to come!

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