Combine Tulip Dining Table with Wishbone Chair

Tulip style dining table and Wishbone style dining chair are the classic and have a versatile aesthetic with different style. Tulip style dining table is sleek and modern, round top with single stem-shaped leg gives it an minimalistic look. Wishbone style dining chair is a beautiful mix of Chinese and Scandinavian element which is very remarkable and iconic. 

How about combining Tulip style table with Wishbone dining chairs together? They are surprisingly matched as the table and chairs have a nearly homogenous structure, the Y shape frame of Wishbone style chair goes very well with the table as it is not visually that solid and hindering.

Having the Tulip style dining table with Wishbone style chairs in the kitchen is a great idea, especially if there is not very spacious of the area. It is very convenient as well to cook and dine in the same area. The minimalist Tulip style table and the space-saving Wishbone style chairs can blend in with any modern or traditional style of kitchen. 

You can also consider setting your dining area in a nook area with your Tulip table, it save space by setting in the corner, plus the existence of Tulip style table is so outstanding that will stand out from the crowd even it is in the corner.

Tulip style餐桌和Wishbone style餐椅是經典的傢具,呈現出不同風格的美學。Tulip style餐桌既時尚又現代,其圓形頂部及流線型底座給人一種簡約的外觀;Wishbone style餐椅是中國和北歐元素的完美結合,中西合璧,非常具標誌性。

令人驚訝的是,Tulip style餐桌和Wishbone style餐椅這兩不同風格原來能這麼匹配。桌子和椅子均具有相稱的結構,椅子的Y形框架與桌子非常合配,因為它在視覺上不會礙眼。

在廚房裡擺放Tulip style餐桌和Wishbone style餐椅是一個好主意,特別是如果該空間不是很寬敞的話。在同一空間烹飪和用餐也十分方便。極簡主義的Tulip style餐桌和視覺上節省空間的Wishbone style餐椅可與任何現代或傳統風格的廚房融為一體。

您還可以考慮把Tulip style餐桌放置在客廳的角落以節省空間。Tulip style餐桌的優雅精致,即使在角落裡也能脫穎而出。