Contemporary Studio Desk With Storage

Contemporary Studio Desk With Storage

Contemporary Studio Desk With Storage

One of the things that come to mind when planning to move into a new apartment or setting up a new office, is the style and tone that you want to set into this new space. Decorating your new office space can be exciting and for most of us, we want an area which sparks our creativity and motivation. Bored of the wooden type desks and want something with a little more spark? How about mixing it up with a bright white top and wooden legs? You have this option with the Bedford Contemporary Studio Desk With Storage. This desk is made available to you from Decor8 Hong Kong Furniture.

Keeping your space nice and tidy is the key to productivity. When your documents are easier to locate and tabletop less cluttered, getting important work done goes from being challenging to natural. With the storage space of the Bedford Studio Desk, it makes organising a little bit easier with its three drawers offering plenty of storage space.

If size is a factor when it comes to deciding which table your office can accommodate, then you would be happy to know that the Bedford Studio Desk comes in two sizes. The table comes in either a width of 120 cm or 150 cm. This allows you to pick the right size for your interior.

This table is solid and sturdy with wooden legs made of high quality imported solid ash wood.

For the full details of this contemporary studio desk with storage, check out our website detailing the dimensions, materials used in construction, and price.

Why stop there? Get a chair to match with the White Dsw Chair with Light Wood Legs. This combo would make a wonderful addition into any room with the two pieces complimenting each other. You could even add a bit of color if you wish since the Dsw Chair comes available in many other colours. The choice is yours!

Written by Blake Andrews

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