Customize the Best Sofa Hong Kong

The Best Custom Sofas for Customization

Add your own Personalization with the Perfect Color & Style

Are you getting ready to move into a new apartment and need new furniture? Want a new style? Is your sofa wearing down and looking for a change? If the answer is yes then here are some helpful tips for you. Avoid buying cheap sofas because in the end they will only break down faster leaving you sad and frustrated. In our opinion the only reason why people would buy cheap generic sofa is due to cost and availability. Don’t let your purchase get you down and stay clear from these. At Decor8 we strive for quality to keep our customers happy so finding the best sofa Hong Kong has to offer is a few clicks away.


What’s great about our sofas is that most of them come in the generic one-seater, two-seater, and three seater sizes. The Astor sofa on the other hand offers six different sizes and six different colours. You can even add accessories in the form of cushions or an ottoman to match. You can go for a colour which is bold and stands out or one that blends in to give another piece of furniture the spotlight.


The best sofas for customization are readily available at Decor8. When it comes to customisation, our Florence sofa is by far one of the most customisable sofas we have to offer. If you have pets or children then you know that getting a nice maintainable sofa is hard. The Florence sofa comes in two varieties which are fabric or leather. The leather range would be easier to maintain compared with the fabric version, since stains can be removed with less effort. Though you might be wondering that the buttons will be a problem, since any children or animals around the house may try to pick them off the sofa. At an additional price, there is the option to have the cushions without the buttons and the pipings.


If you are looking for something simple then why not have a look at the Stockholm sofa Hong Kong. The Stockholm is guaranteed to be sturdy with its solid oak frame. The style is contemporary and simple which gives your modern room a classic traditional feel to it.


These next sofas that will be mentioned come from the same cotton blend colour swatches. This swatch has a large range of colours to choose from and you can see additional colours at our showrooms. When it comes to colours sometimes you can spend hours deciding on the best looking colours to fit into the room. With the Robertson, Marisa and Hayden sofa Hong Kong you aren’t limited to one colour. Try mixing it up with a dual tone combination. Out of the three, the Robertson is the chunkiest style which makes it look better if your average guests are quite big. The look and feel of the Marisa makes it the most elegant out of the three sofas. Hayden offers the lowest backrest with higher armrests which becomes a comfortable option if it isn’t positioned up against the wall.


If your living space is large enough you may opt for a L-shaped sofa. These types of sofas are larger than your average three-seater sofas. The Benson sofa comes in its original layout or the reverse layout depending which way you prefer. With a high back and fluffy back cushions, this sofa becomes super comfortable for sitting back and relaxing. The similar thing about this sofa and the Henley sofa is that both of these have removable fabric covers which make them easier to clean. However the Henley sofa doesn’t come in the L-Shape formation. Are you one of those people that get bored easily? With these two sofas you can purchase additional colour slipcovers, which gives you the option of changing the colour of your sofa without changing the whole sofa itself.

These are just a few of the modern style sofas we have to offer. Browse through Decor8 Hong Kong’s Collection of Sofa Hong Kong to find the sofa that meets the comfort of your dreams.

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