Best Place to Rent Furniture Hong Kong

    Chair Rentals, Table Rentals, Sofa Rentals, Bar Table Rentals, Office Chair Rentals, Lounge Chair Rentals and more!

Have you got a convention event that you need to setup? Running a promotion in your store and want to rent out some furniture? Are you wondering where you can rent furniture in Hong Kong? Here at Decor8 Hong Kong furniture, we have the solution for you. Depending on the required items to be rented out, we rent out furniture for as short as one day to two weeks or one season for television shows.

Decor8 Furniture Rentals can be picked up at our showroom in Mong Kok or Wan Chai. We know that not everyone has time and require things done quickly. We can arrange to deliver your furniture rental to your special event or space. We have variety of furniture pieces that can cater for photographers, setting up store displays, exhibitors, party or events planners, movie set organisers, or in the fashion industry. Decor8 Hong Kong Furniture Rentals is a perfect solution for individuals and businesses in need of stylish, trend setting furniture pieces on a temporary basis.

Renting furniture is cheap and a great way to get up to date styles for your space. Our rentals has a starting price for 1 day from 10-20% of the product cost. Renting furniture in Hong Kong is super easy with Decor8. At Decor8 Modern Furniture and Home Decor we have table rentals, chair rentals, sofa rentals, lounge chair rentals, coffee table rentals, office chair rentals, desk rentals.

The best way to get in touch in regards for quotes for rental is to email us at with your contact information, event details (if it is for an event), interested items and dates of the rental. With that in mind what are you waiting for browse our collection of furniture and come up with your list before you run out of time.


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