Decor8 LCW Style Lounge Chair

Inspired by the mid-century modern design, the Decor8 LCW style Lounge Chair is a stunning centrepiece featuring the delicate moulded plywood. Symmetric legs and a reclined seat create a relaxed and comfortable area for your to relax. This lounge chair is perfect for residential settings, office lobbies and modern interior spaces. The lounge chair is so versatile that matches with plenty of different simple side table or coffee table. 

Decor8 LCW style休閒椅靈感來自中世紀的現代設計,是一款經典雅緻簡潔、兼顧功能的造型美感的休閒椅,滿足我們的需求與便利性。對稱腿和斜躺式座椅營造出輕鬆舒適感覺。 非常適合住宅環境,辦公大廳和現代化的室內空間。Decor8 LCW style休閒椅可搭配各種簡約風格的邊桌或咖啡桌。

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