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Modern Wall Lamps

Modern Wall Lamps


When it comes to lighting, sometimes there is just no space to place a floor lamp or a table lamp in a room. For this situation, wall lamps would do the trick and can even add that perfect finishing touch to a room or hallway. They can even completely change the look and feel of your space. Wall lamps can help illuminate dark corners or areas that have become swallowed up by shadows. If you place a few of them around the room they can function as a main light source for that given space. Placing them inline in a hallway helps light the way.

Do you have a piece of artwork that you want to highlight? You can use spot lighting wall lamps to aim some light at the artwork to make it brighter to catch the attention of your guests.

Some wall lamps even come with a large swinging arm. The distinguishing characteristic of this type of lighting is its flexibility. You can move the light source out and away from the wall when needed. Using it in the dining room is an example of this which can be seen here. The light can be swung out whilst you eat and converse with family and guests. When you are done you can change the position of the light by pushing it back up against the wall.

Shades on the lamps also make a difference as to how bright they are capable of getting to light up a space. One with a dark colour shade will absorb light leaving it feel darker but when done right can give off a romantic elegant feel to a room. Light colour shades tend to reflect light which makes them better for brightening up a certain area of a room.

When considering buying a wall light, you need to consider where you will place them and how they will be installed. Most wall lamps are hardwired so they are usually installed during remodeling or on a new construction project. If you are just swapping out a fixture then you may be able to reuse the electrical connections.

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Written by: Akira Takamoto


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