Dividing Your Interior Space With Partitions

Dividing Your Interior Space With Partitions

Dividing Your Interior Space With Partitions

Wide open spaces can be a dream for most Hong Kong people but there are also some that like cozy intimate spaces. You may be presented with a challenge when trying to figure out how to divide a room. But wait, why would I want to divide a room in the first place? Maybe you have a long and open space or a small studio that needs to serve as both a bedroom and living room. Dividing your interior space with partitions can help you define the area into sections. It’s also a cost effective solution as these screens tend to be cheaper than other methods.

Decor8 Hong Kong furniture has a few ideas for you but we would like to direct your attention to the Tivoli Rattan Screen Wall and Partition. This stylish screen wall helps adds a touch of sophistication and display of the remarkable craftsmanship of the screen to any environment.

The Tivoli Rattan Screen Wall is handcrafted with premium imported rattan from Indonesia. The rattan comes in two available colours in either the natural brown mix or black mix. The frame is made from wood with a black painted finish. Choose between the two colour options to help complement the colour tone of your space.

One of the best features of the Tivoli Rattan Screen Wall is that it shows off a beautiful pattern whilst maintaining light and visibility. This helps you section off your room without blocking much natural sunlight passing into your space.

Another use for this screen wall is placing it in the bedroom and using it as a portable dressing screen. It allows your partner to get dressed or undressed in a shared room, while maintaining conversation when needed which can’t be done behind a closed door. You could even use it to hide a messy table or dining table when you have unexpected friends or acquaintances drop by unannounced. With so many uses for this wall screen, we see no reason why you shouldn’t add one into your space. Get yours today and style your room till your heart’s content.

Written by: Sam Cheng

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