Effortless & Affordable Modern Furniture

Decor8 HK Modern Signature Style Furniture

Effortless & Affordable Modern Furniture can seem like a daunting challenge. However, by selecting a few signature modern furniture pieces you can create a modern wonderland.

Creating a hip, modern living room can be effortless. Start with a thoughtful color palette. Greys and whites can seamlessly be paired with muted colors like khaki grey or brown tones to create a palette that isn’t too over the top.

Seen here is the Florence Style Sofa customized in a light grey color. This sofa can be customized in a 1 seat sofa, 2 seat sofa or a 3 seat sofa version. In addition we also have an endless selection of colors you may choose from – whether you are looking for medium grey or dark grey. The the Florence Style Sofa is perfect for living rooms and for lobbies and receptions alike. We like to see this Florence Style Sofa paired with a Chester Ottoman in Khaki Grey.

Also seen here is the Leitmotiv Mellow Side Table in white. This light weight and well designed side table is currently HK$990 and is a fantastic affordable modern furniture choice that will enhance your interior’s overall decor. In addition to this affordable modern furniture piece Decor8 carries an abundance of cheap side table options.

A floor lamp can greatly enhance so many aspects of a space. It can make it appear larger, smaller, create atmospheres, ambiances and more. Floor lamps while more expensive that side tables are a critical furniture piece that can greatly enhance the qualities of any interior. Seen here is the Satellite Studio Floor Lamp. Its iconic shape cup the light and disperse the light in your space in an even non glaring way. The Satellite Studio Floor Lamp is available in white or black to match a variety of interior backdrops.

Storage is critical to keep flats clean and clear of clutter. However, finding unique and stylish storage is often a challenge. Seen here is the Maguire Solid Oak Spinning Storage Unit. A unique storage solution that both spins and is stackable.

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