Fabric sofa or leather sofa?

Fabric sofa or leather sofa? 
There are lots of factors in choosing the a “right” sofa, your style, lifestyle, durability, budge etc.

A leather sofa, with its sleek and classic appearance, adds certain timeless elegance and refinement to the area. It is durable and easier to clean,  leather usually require a light dusting or rubdown a few times a year. 
It is hypoallergenic too because leather doesn’t trap dust mites and other tiny allergens that easy, so allergy sufferers ofter prefer leather sofas. 

Your sofa will be a long-term companion that reflect your changing style and manage your relaxation needs. It maybe a bit hard to choose the sofa that can satisfy different consideration. Good thing we have so much choice on hand in Decor8. There are bunch of different style of leather sofa, you can easily find out the one you are looking for. 


又能提供舒服休閒的空間。 看來選擇沙發好像有點難度, 或許可到Decor8的門市和網站看看,我們有不同款式風格的皮沙發,歡迎參觀選購。

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