Featuring Comfort & Organic Hogan Kids Lounge Chair

6.30 hogan kids lounge chair

When it comes to stylish rooms, it’s not just us adults that want a nice cool stylish room. It’s always good to have a kids room with lots of bright colours to stimulate their creative minds. In the Decor8 Hong Kong furniture spotlight for the day, we are featuring the comfortable and organic Hogan Kids Lounge Chair.

Let your kids be the life of their own play dates with the Hogan Kids Lounge Chair. This playful looking chair offers a round high back backrest giving maximum support for any child sitting in the chair. This wonderful comfortable piece is both iconic and modern. It is the perfect accessory to compliment your stylish interior. It even comes in a large variety of colours too so it can be used to brighten up any room.

The Hogan Kids Lounge Chair is perfect to keep the children seated whilst in front of the tv watching their favourite programme. You can even place one of these chairs by your lounge chair if you wish. This way you can both relax and enjoy your time together. Remember kids grow up fast so it’s always good to spend some quality time with them before they resent you in the future.

The great thing about these chairs is that they are light and easy to move around. The kids can even play musical chairs with them if they wanted. You could even move them into a different room if you wish.

If the kids love to draw then you could pair the Hogan Kids Lounge Chair with a kids table. Instead of having them draw all over the wall give them a place to sit down and let their creativity take control. Kids learn things faster when they are young so help them grow their minds by letting their imaginations run wild.


Written By: Jennifer Morgan

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