Featuring The Kai Oak Wood Dining Chair From Decor8

Kai Oak Dining Chair

Pair it with wood dining tables


Featuring The Kai Oak Wood Dining Chair From Decor8! The Kai Oak Wood Dining Chair frameDimension is manufactured with 100% Solid Northern American Oak. The seat pad and backrest is made from Black PU Synthetic Leather.

As far as dimensions goes for this wood dining chair, you will notice the height in the picture to the left. The full width of the chair is 53cm and the full depth from front legs to backrest is 55cm. The height of this chair would be perfect for most dining tables with a height of 75cm. There would be enough space between your legs and the bottom of the table. Also it is the right arm height so it makes it comfortable for you to carry out any tasks on the table.

So you may be wondering what’s so special about this wood dining chair. For one this chair is light when compared with other chairs that have arms. Secondly this wood dining chair has a unique pivoting backrest which adapts to your seating position by rotating its position. These two features make it really comfortable since it supports different sitting styles.

The interesting facts about this wood dining chair is that everyone who has tried it tends to like the feel of it. It’s a chair that whilst mainly used as a dining chair is also comfortable and beautiful enough to be used as a desk chair.

Written by: Akira Takamoto



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