Finding The Perfect Dining Set

Finding The Perfect Dining Set

Finding The Perfect Dining Set

With Thanksgiving and Christmas looming ever so closely on our calendars, it comes a time to cherish the things we have with family and friends. Gatherings like these usually include a lavish home-cooked meal. Entertaining guests in a dining room that feels welcoming and homey can turn the experience into a magical warm experience.

Here at Decor8, we would like to help you with some ideas for decorating your dining area. It’s time to get you inspired to create a dining room that you can be proud to have guests around.

tribeca table set

You may have heard people say that matchy-matchy can be boring and plain. With careful planning, you could create a room that would be adored by many. This works well with wooden pieces such as our Tribeca Table, Liberty Bench, and Round Chairs. This combination adds variation into the room allowing you to mix and match but keeping the natural warm look that wooden pieces have to offer.

To add even more style, why not try adding the Sirius Wood Sphere Light? A light fixture that complements the other wooden pieces but also makes a statement for itself.

Try hanging a Rectangle Mirror on the wall for the final finishing touch. This reflects light into the area making the room seem more spacious.

Liam Dining Table

If the matching look doesn’t suit your fancy then maybe selecting items in a certain color palette could be an interesting idea. The key here is to try picking out 4-5 colors and stick with them. Here we have two natural wood items in the Liam Dining Table and theCarson Storage Shelf.

Having pieces stand out creates a focal point in the area. You will notice here we have emphasized the comfortable seating option around the table with a strong darken color choice. In this setting, we used the Beal Chairs for its wide range of color choices.

We finish this look with a series of designerPlumen Pendent Lamps that not only looks great but also saves on your energy bills.

Clinton Dining Table

How about creating a look that has a complete mix to it with different materials mixing together to give an interesting looking interior? A glass table can be quite forgiving for those messy mealtime accidents. Including a marvelous architectural structured base, we present to you a table like our Clinton Dining Table.

Using dark colored chairs around the table could help define the space. Here, we have the Whittier Chairs with their comfy padded upholstered seats and rich elegant walnut legs.

To give this setting a natural look, we added the Artichoke Pendant Lamp for its organic shape. A piece that looks amazing and trendy whilst proving light into the room.

Berger Dining Table

Most people wish to live the America dream of being able to live in a large open industrial loft space with high ceilings. We all know that isn’t always possible with the living options available to us in Hong Kong. But it doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate the style into our homes.

To get this look, we have the Berger Table paired with the Trent Bench and added theKeaton Pendant. The matte metal accompanied by the raw wooden tops offers a style that has gone through time, remaining popular to this day.

To add contrast into this area helps to make the dining room look less dark and gloomy. For this, you could add some neutral white chairs like the Cafe Industrial Wood Top Chairs.

Now it’s your turn to dream up your ideal dining area for that dining experience you’ve always wanted. If you still need help decorating your dining area or any part of your home or office, then feel free to email us at [email protected]. and we will help to provide you with some ideas.


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