Finely Crafted Utilitarian Bench For Your Interior

Finely Crafted Utilitarian Bench For Your Interior

Finely Crafted Utilitarian Bench For Your Interior

Once in awhile people may like to redecorate their interior space to give it a fresh new look. Decor8 Hong Kong furniture is the place to go whether you are looking for something stylish or practical. But why can’t you have both? With our Chloe Solid Wood Bench, you’ll get that and more as it can adapt to many different settings.

When it comes to small cozy interiors, the Chloe Solid Wood Bench would make an excellent addition and let us tell you why. The bench features a removable strap on cushion so you can choose to have a comfortable soft top or a hard top. This all depends on what purpose you want the bench to fulfill. Say for instance, you want to pair the bench with a dining table then you may want the cushion attached so that you get a more comfortable sitting arrangement for your dining experience. On the other hand, you may rather prefer a hard top if you were to use it as a long coffee table in front of your sofa.

The Chloe Solid Wood Bench is made with imported premium solid American oak. Another adaptability factor of this bench is the finishes that it comes available in. An interior tone that is dark or light won’t affect the placement for this bench as it is available in either a natural oak, oiled walnut, or painted walnut finish. The same goes for the cushion with a variety of four different colours.

Other locations that you can place this finely crafted utilitarian bench for your interior include but not limited to are: placing it by your entryway; at the foot of your bed; by a window with a beautiful scenic view.

Come check it out at one of our showrooms and give this finely crafted Chloe Bench a home. Definitely a piece to be considered when styling any interior!

Written by: Akira Takamoto

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