Hidden Secrets of a Fabric Bench

Hidden Secrets of a Fabric Bench

Hidden Secrets of a Fabric Bench

Christmas is coming and family gatherings have been organized. You’ll want to tidy your home before your guests arrive. Here’s a great idea from Decor8 Hong Kong furniture that you wouldn’t want to miss. Incorporate the Cullen Upholstered Fabric Storage and Bench into your interior space. Let us help you unlock the hidden secrets of this fabric bench.

Family gatherings often include kids coming around and one of the worries within the household is how to keep your furniture staying clean. So why would we introduce the Cullen Storage Bench as an option since it’s made of fabric? We know that fabric materials can be quite tough to clean but the fabric on the Cullen Bench is easier to clean than most fabricated benches on the market. The reason behind this is that this bench has the ability to have it’s cover removed for cleaning. This is excellent news for those that want something easy to clean but at the same time don’t like the feel of leather.

If you have an open room with no defined sections then you might want to think about having a comfy bench for your dining table to match the colour of your sofa. The Cullen Bench is available in a wide range of colours and if you pick a sofa from Decor8, we can help you get the same color for the sofa.

The storage area isn’t that deep measuring at: Height: 13cm; Width: 112cm; Depth: 36.5cm. Even though it’s not that deep, you can still fit quite a lot inside.

The Cullen Bench is constructed with a solid wood frame with quality high density foam. Don’t just take our word for it. Come into our Wan Chai Showroom and unlock the hidden secrets of this fabric bench with your own eyes.

Written by: Blake Andrews

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