How To Add Light Into Your Interior

How To Add Light Into Your Interior

How To Add Light Into Your Interior

With daylight being shorter during the winter season, we have to look at ways to maintain the light in our living spaces. Lighting can be an important aspect to the way you want to portray you room. Depending on how you place them, it could change the look and feel of your space. It’s tricky to get the right balance and often takes some experimentation.

Here at Decor8, we would like to give you an insight on ways to add light into your interior with some of our suggestions.

Tenere Chandelier

A ceiling fitted lamp like a central pendant of chandelier helps to add focus and define a zoned area space. In this instance, we have placed the Tenere Branch Chandelier over the dining table to give the area a well lit dining experience. If you want a warm feel, it is recommended to use industrial bulbs that give off a warm yellow glow.

For areas where light doesn’t reach or for an additional accent piece, you could add a table lamp that complements the style you are trying to portray. We used the Ramses Table Lamp to add a touch of class and luxury to our setting.

Fisherman Floor Lamp

Not every room has the option to have a ceiling light fixture fitted into them. This is all good and well if you have light coming into the room but what happens when it turns dark outside? In the absence of an overhead lighting like this, we could use a large arched floor lamp to fulfill its purpose. The Fisherman Floor Lamp will do the trick here.

The problem here is that the light from one lamp alone wont reach everywhere in a large room. Use additional lights where it is needed but don’t overdo it. You wouldn’t want to watch TV with glare coming off a light source nearby.

Anastasia Table Lamp

Accent lights can have different effects depending on the style. With a mix of materials and a taste for glamour, we’ve added the Anastasia Table Lamp to create an elegant style. This would be the perfect size as it won’t be too tall that you see the bulb when seated on the couch.

The beautiful design of the lamp works well because it has an exterior that gleams and shines like a crystal. Something that helps to achieve the eclectic chic of the room.

Accent light fixtures can also be functional as well as just for looks. If you want to add lighting Barrington Table Lampunder a dark staircase then maybe a table lamp on top of a shoe cabinet is an option?

The Barrington Table Lamp in this case adds character with it’s french country styled appearance, but also functions as an additional light source to light up the area.

This is a great option to add the finishing touches into any room.

We hope this has given you some insight into the ways in which lighting can be used into your space. If you still need help decorating your interior with the right kind of lighting, then feel free to contact us for further assistance