Making the Most of your Office Pantry or Canteen Space

Making the Most of your Office Pantry or Canteen Space

Making the Most of your Office Pantry or Canteen Space

You just got into the office and it’s hours before it’s time for lunch. You can feel your stomach growling at you screaming to be fed. It could even be after lunch time but you are starting to feel a bit peckish. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a place to go grab a quick snack? Adding an office pantry or canteen to the office is a great way to supply snacks to your employees to ease their hunger and keep them productive throughout the day.


Here at Decor8 Hong Kong furniture, we present to you two different styles you can use to style your new eating area for your staff.


Set 1 – Artichoke Style Pendant Lamp;  4x Decor8 Eiffel DSR Dining Chairs; Decor8 Eiffel Round Dining Table


It’s often annoying being stuck indoors on fine sunny days. Why not add a bit of nature into the pantry with this artichoke shaped pendant lamp. The chrome, white and brushed silver is a lovely mixture portraying a stylish elegant modern look. The chairs and tables match perfectly so that is a theme going there.


Set 2 – Modern Concrete Cone Pendant Lamp; 3x Cafe Industrial Loft Bar Stool Wood Top; Cafe Industrial Loft Bar Table


With the spotlight effect on top of the table, it highlights a conversation setting for your employees to sit down and wind down before going back to their busy work life. This bar setting is the perfect look for the outgoing and a brilliant idea when it comes to brainstorming for ideas. The wood top bar chairs are perfect for those cool winter days or even the hot summer days. Wood tops would highlight the seating areas in this layout. This gives you a nice industrial setting with these mix of materials in your canteen or pantry.

Come down to our showrooms and you may even get more ideas with us at Decor8 Hong Kong furniture.

Written by Victor Gibson

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