Mini Storage Solutions Hong Kong

Mini Storage Solutions Hong Kong

Mini Storage Solutions Hong Kong


Ladies are you always constantly looking for your eyeliner, lipsticks, or other makeup products? In a hurry to go out but can’t find your favourite lip gloss? Decor8 Hong Kong furniture is here to provide you with some great mini storage solutions. You’ve heard the saying “good things come in small packages”. This is so true for the small chest of drawers that we have to offer. Here are some of the beautiful solid wood drawers that we have in our range:


Carli Chest of Drawers

This comes in four sizes and depending on how much items you want to put in there, this will be the factor of which size to decide upon. This comes in six drawers, nine drawers, twelve drawers, and a mini display unit. As well as displaying makeup and accessories, the mini display unit will be a great storage item for people who collect small figurines since you can display them on the top two shelves and store extra parts in the drawers.


Helen Chest of Drawers

This chest of drawers has exposable shelves above eight little drawers. This style is particularly good for displaying items as well as storing items in small little containers. One idea is to store all your valuables in the little drawers and items like perfume or if you are a guy, cologne, in the exposed display shelves.


How about if you have a lot of papers lying around the desk and you can’t find that important document you need? Why not get some wide mini storage cabinets to place your documents in them. This will allow you to easily locate the document and clear the clutter on your desk. Edmund Chest of Drawers and the Marie Filing Cabinet are two get pieces of storage for A4 size documents and envelops.


All our cabinets are made from Fir Wood. Our range maybe small but we do offer quality over numbers. Check out the rest of our mini storage solutions that Decor8 Hong Kong furniture has to offer.

Written by Daniel Simon 

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