Minimalist Design Nelson Steering Wheel Clock

Minimalist Design Nelson Steering Wheel Clock

Minimalist Design Nelson Steering Wheel Clock

Are you a speed demon or just love racing? Well here’s an item just for you to cater for your racing spirit. Get behind the wheel with the minimalist design Nelson Steering Wheel Clock. This clock was inspired by a steering wheel, the idea was a common practice in the past to use common items and applying them to other pieces. This idea was brought about in the 1950s and given us a clock piece that is both functional and stylish to this day. This clock remains a refreshing alternative to the usual timekeepers that can be used in your home.

The Nelson Steering Wall Clock comes with an aluminum housing around the clock mechanism and a metal frame and hands. The outer rim of this clock is made with a black lacquered metal plate. This clock also features shiny chrome hands to tell the onlooker what’s the time at the present moment. Although this clock doesn’t have numbers on it, each 5 minute mark is clearly marked to show the time.

The Nelson Steering Wall Clock works on a high grade quartz movement which gives a more accurate time than normal mechanical clocks. Quartz movement utilises an electronic oscillator that is regulated by a quartz crystal to keep time. This clock requires 1 AA battery for operation.

This amazingly graphic piece would make an incredible addition to any space wherever you decide to place this clock. This clock is battery operated, which means a clean installation on the wall with no extraneous wires.

Order this clock today and add a racing theme clock into your room! Stylish and precisely accurate timekeeping is what makes the Nelson Steering Wheel Clock a must have item for anyone. For other interesting clock designs, you could check out the collection that Decor8 Hong Kong furniture has to offer.


Written by: Charlie Manson

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