Minimalist Wall Lighting For Your Bedside

Minimalist Wall Lighting For Your Bedside

Minimalist Wall Lighting For Your Bedside

We’ve all heard about good things come in small packages and today’s featured item fits perfectly with this phrase. Today we present to you the Houser Wall Lamp, the minimalist wall lighting for your bedside. This lamp is compact yet effective and works perfectly to complement any modern interior.

If you are looking for a small light source and don’t want it to take up any floor or table space, then go for a wall lamp like the Houser Wall Lamp. This lamp has an adjustable lamp shape, which can direct light to the desired position. The whole fixture is made with aluminium and steel giving off a stylish modern vibe to the area.

If you place the lamp directly next to your bed then you can use it as a reading lamp. This is convenient for those that like to read just before bedtime but don’t want to get up just to turn the light off afterwards. Let’s face it if we get to the point of almost falling asleep, the last thing we would want is to get up just to turn the light off. We love the fact that the on/off switch is conveniently located on the neck of the lampshade. This gives you easy access and when position correctly on the wall then you don’t have to overstretch yourself just to turn the light off.

Have a lovely picture you want to showcase? Put it in a frame and hang it under some Houser Wall Lamps. Directing light onto the picture can make a picture come to life and give them the much needed attention they deserve.

If you are curious as to what the finishing would look like then why not drop on by to the showrooms. Whilst we don’t have this exact lamp, we do have ones that look similar in the form of a floor lamp or table lamp. It’s time to brighten up your interiors with these cute compact Houser Wall Lamps.


Written by: Brock Baxter

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