Minimalistic Design Solid Wood Bench

Minimalistic Design Solid Wood Bench

Minimalistic Design Solid Wood Bench

When it comes to living in one of those high rise building apartments in Hong Kong, you’ll notice that many people in Hong Kong share the same problem. Most apartments are quite small so we have to make the most of it with multi-purpose furniture pieces. One way we can accomplish this is to incorporate furniture pieces that provide extra storage space into our homes. This allows you to organize items and clear the clutter around your home.

Decor8 presents the Houston Solid Elm Wood Bench and Multifunctional Storage Unit to you. This minimalistic design solid wood bench makes it an elegant and chic addition to any entryway, living room or bedroom. With two available sizes, this bench can cater for people who have an available space of 120cm up to 150cm in length.

The Houston Solid Wood Bench is made from the finest materials with the solid elm wood being imported overseas. This is then cut and shaped with precision so that each piece fits nicely together. The solid wood used in the construction of this bench makes it sturdy and strong allowing it to support the weight of a few people on it.

The multifunctional drawers and storage areas allows you to store clothing, linen, and other miscellaneous household items. It features 3 storage compartments with the shorter bench and 4 in the larger one. It comes with 2 pull out drawers on either side and 1 or 2 flip top storage areas depending on the size of the bench. The Houston Solid Wood Bench has a lot to offer in terms of storage.

Want to purchase the bench but want to have an idea what the wood would look like in real life? Come into our showrooms and we’ll show you sample products in the same material. Who knows you may find something to go with the bench. Come on down and browse our selective items on display from our Decor8 Hong Kong furniture collection.

Written by: Elijah Woodly

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