Modern Vintage Industrial Flair Wall Lamp

Modern Vintage Industrial Flair Wall Lamp

Modern Vintage Industrial Flair Wall Lamp

There are many times where we have talked about people craving for an industrial loft style in their cozy Hong Kong apartment. Whilst this may seem as a luxury for many Hong Kongers, it doesn’t mean we can’t introduce the style to them. To help you recreate the style, we would like to introduce a modern vintage industrial flair wall lamp for your interior space.

Decor8 Hong Kong furniture would like to help shine some light on your life with the Gras Style Adjustable Wall Lamp. When looking at the shape and style of this lamp, you would have never guessed that it was designed in the 1920s. This remarkable lamp was surprisingly impressive with its simple, sturdy construction and yet very ergonomic design. What was amazing was that at the time when it first appeared, it was truly original and far ahead of its time. This style has withstood the changing trends and time to give us a style that still works great in many settings today.

The structure and shade are made of steel with each piece fitting together perfectly. You will also like to know that it is constructed without any screws or welded joints. We love the fact that this lamp is available in a variety of bright eye popping colours. The shade of the Gras Style Wall Lamp is available in black, red, yellow, blue, and chrome.

The Gras Style Wall Lamp uses an E14 light bulb. With an 11W energy saving light bulb, you can save more money for your energy bills. This light bulb is an equivalent to a 40W Incandescent Light Bulb.

This modern vintage industrial flair wall lamp would make a perfect addition in any bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and office. Whether you use it as a task light or to lighten up a darken area, it just doesn’t matter with this well crafted light fixture.

Written by: Samantha Johansson

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