Mouth-Blown Glass Pendant Lamp

Mouth-Blown Glass Pendant Lamp

Mouth-Blown Glass Pendant Lamp

With Hong Kong’s high living costs, it’s often that most people will seek ways to lower these costs to lessen the burden. Would you be surprised if I told you there was a stylish way to do this? Designer stuff are everywhere and like most people, we all seek to be fashionable at some stage of our lives. Plumen is the world’s first designer low energy light bulb but what we want to introduce to you is the Plumen Drop Top Lamp Set. This is made available to you in Hong Kong by Decor8 Furniture.

So you may be wondering what makes this set so special and why should you get them for your home? First let me brighten up your knowledge by explaining a few things about the bulbs. I mentioned earlier that the bulbs were low energy light bulbs but just how much can you save? The Plumen bulbs works like most high quality low energy bulb but with a stylish shape. These bulbs can end up saving you 80% on your energy bills and last up to 8 times longer than a standard incandescent bulb. So with this being said, we would still need a stylish way to present these bulbs and what better way than to use the Plumen Drop Top Lamp Set.

The Plumen Drop Top Lamp Set consists of one Plumen Drop Top Lamp Shade, one Plumen Pendant Drop Cap, and one Plumen Bulb. The Drop Top Lamp Shade is a mouth-blown tinted glass shade that softens the brightness from side views, whilst allowing the unique Plumen bulb form to be seen and enjoyed. Love the warm amber glow often seen in industrial bulbs? Not to worry aside from the white lamp shade, this shade is also available with an amber glass lamp shade. You can use these to set a romantic warm setting for your space to create an inviting atmosphere to your room.

Aside from choosing the colour of the lampshade, you can also choose the colour of the Drop Cap. This is essentially the pendant cable that holds your fixture up to the ceiling. It is available in either white, black and copper.

Finally the bulb you can choose from comes available in either the Plumen 001 or the Plumen 002. Check these out in our Mong Kok showroom and start saving on your energy bills today. There is even a short video detailing how these lamps are installed on our website.


Written by: Akira Takamoto

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