Natural Beauty By Your Bedside

Natural Beauty By Your Bedside

Natural Beauty By Your Bedside

Snuggled up in bed with your favourite book or perhaps on your phone? Wouldn’t it be annoying if you had to get out of this comfortable spot? I know for me it would but where am I going with this you may ask. A nice bedside table which looks beautiful and stylish could be the answer to all your problems. Most if not all of us don’t go to sleep straight away when we lay in bed. Some play on their phones and others read but once you get into that comfortable zone, the last thing you would want is having to get up. With a bedside table next to your bed, you could just set your items on it and drift into dream world.

There are so many bedside tables, choosing one can be a difficult task so let me introduce a natural beauty you could add by your bedside. I want to present to you the Lafayette Solid Oak Bedside Table and Night Stand from Decor8 Hong Kong furniture. As the name suggests, this table is made from solid imported American white oak. The wooden structure gives off a sturdy look and feel, while adding natural beauty and warmth by your bedside.

In terms of storage, the Lafayette Bedside Table offers one drawer that slides smoothly in and out. The perfect place to store your items in a safe place. It features a beautifully crafted handle for you to open and close the drawer. A design that I absolutely adore and looks different compared with traditional handles.

Have you ever had anything roll off the table and get frustrated trying to look for it? With the Lafayette Bedside Table, you’ll never have that problem again. This table has a raised edge on the sides and back that isn’t too high that would make it look unproportional and weird.

Overall this table is a wonderful piece that should find it’s way into the style of most rooms. Add this natural beauty by your bedside! If you want to highlight it even more then look at our collection of table lamps. There is no time like the present so style away till your heart’s content.

Written by: Samantha Johansson

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