Natural Elegant Statement Piece

Natural Elegant Statement Piece

Natural Elegant Statement Piece

Modern furniture designs often disregard classic materials like rattan. However, the natural rattan is making its comeback as designers begin to reintroduce many stylishly eye-catching pieces. These eco-friendly pieces give your interior a tropical vibe to it. One of the best features about rattan is that it can be used indoors or outdoors.

Decor8 Hong Kong Furniture has a few different rattan pieces but we will focus on our Fulton Natural Rattan Lounge Chair today. This chair is made of the finest materials with premium natural rattan originating from Indonesian. It is intricately weaved into shape with superior craftsmanship that will surely impress any space in Hong Kong seeking modern luxury.

For added comfort, the Fulton Natural Rattan Lounge Chair also comes equipped with a cushion. This cushion is available in off-white, grey, black, or red. The added colour helps give your chair the ability to adapt to its surrounding environment. It works in both modern and contemporary living spaces making it a natural elegant statement piece.

The natural materials used in the Fulton Rattan Lounge Chair gives off a natural warm vibe. This feeling is welcome in any stylish room that is seeking an inviting look for its guests.

Why not take your relaxation to the next level and add an ottoman for your rattan lounge chair? We have the perfect ottoman that will go great with this chair. Consider adding the Larkin Natural Rattan Poul Ottoman to put your feet up. A nice combo to have if you want to lounge around, read, or play with your electronics.

The attractive patterns is something to talk about and will impress your guests. Have a look at our other rattan pieces and you may come up with some great ideas for your home. Give the Fulton Rattan Lounge Chair a try for a natural elegant statement piece for your space.

Written by: Sam Cheng

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