Perfect for Organizing and Decluttering: Solid Wood TV Cabinet From Decor8

Solid Wood TV Cabinet From Decor8

Solid Wood TV Cabinet From Decor8


When you are looking for something to organize your electronics around your TV, you should have a look at the solid wood TV cabinets from Decor8 Hong Kong Furniture. They are great for organizing and decluttering loose wires exposed from behind your electronics. The Jefferson Solid Oak TV Cabinet and Sideboard is great because everything can be covered up. So what does this mean? Say you are going out or going to sleep and you aren’t using the TV any more, to minimize dust getting into your electronics, you are able to close the doors. This prolongs the life on your electronics and less cleaning time when compared with open TV cabinets with no doors or drawers.

When it comes to style, you can’t get any less style from this elegant and modern Scandinavian design TV cabinet. The Jefferson Solid Oak TV Cabinet and Sideboard has three smooth sliding drawers and a sliding door to conceal and organize your electronics.

The size of the Jefferson Solid Oak TV Cabinet and Sideboard can be quite large measuring at: length – 180 cm; depth – 40 cm; height: 55 cm. Great for homes with large spaces but not so suitable if your home is too small. If you have a small home, here at Decor8 Hong Kong furniture we offer other Solid Wood TV Cabinet at smaller sizes.

The interesting fact about the wood used to manufacture this Solid Wood TV Cabinet isn’t any old wood which you can find everywhere. The wood comes straight from Northern America, which is why the wood is such a high quality. The wood is then cut into shapes, pieced together to create the shelved, then we give it a natural oak finish with hardwax oil.

If this style doesn’t tickle your fancy then why not check other Solid Wood TV Cabinet that Decor8 Hong Kong has to offer. They are all perfect for organizing and decluttering your space and all constructed in solid wood.

Written by: Akira Takamoto


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