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    Tree Wood Coat Stand

When you come home from a long day, you just want to quickly get out of your outdoor clothes. Am I right? All we want to do is just relax but the problem is what we do when we come in to our homes. How often has it been that you have thrown your coat somewhere or set your bag down somewhere, only to find out on the next day when you are rushing out that something has fallen out of your pocket or bag? Here’s my advice for you, why not get a Tree Wood Coat Stand to hang your things on when you get in. This is not only stylish but brings a sense of nature into the home. This coat stand is visually stunning too with it’s many arms. This affordable, contemporary coat stand mimics a tree with hooks resembling branches on a tree to organize your coats, jackets, handbags, belts, scarves and similar items.

When this product arrives at the door, you can even have some fun by installing it yourself. Each piece is very easy to fit together and you can have it completed made within mins. Whilst putting this beautiful coat stand together, you can witness the fine craftsmanship of this piece in either ash or cherry finish depending on which one you purchased.

What’s great is the space saving feature with a minimal leg footprint of 40 cm, this coat stand fits seamlessly at entryways, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and offices providing a stylish and contemporary accent to your interior. So in this sense, you can place this anywhere you require some hangers for easy placement for your coats and such.

Also you aren’t limited to this style of coat stands as Decor8 Hong Kong furniture has a selection of other coat stands and racks in our collection.

Written By: Bobby Smith


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