Outdoor Chair & Stools

Outdoor Chair & Stools

Outdoor Chair & Stools

Outdoor furniture can help us spend more time outside. This is good for us as we get fresh air and sun. Here we have a selection of trendy vibrant colored furniture that would help brighten up any outdoor setting. Styles and colors won’t hinder your choice since we have a lot to offer in terms of suitable materials for outdoor usage.

Some of our outdoor furniture are fully stackable allowing you to easily store them away. This saves space and keeps them out of harms way. We know how rough the weather can be in Hong Kong, which is even more important as you don’t want the harsh climate damaging or blowing away your furniture pieces. Main pieces that offer this ability are some of our outdoor seating options.

Every furniture piece has it’s own characteristics and the same goes for outdoor furniture. Some are light and portable whilst other heavier pieces are made to withstand the elements.

Most of our outdoor furniture use little to no metal in it’s construction, which is vital for items being placed outside. Metal will begin to rust if it comes into contact with water. With the wet humid climate in Hong Kong, this will be a problem that’s why we recommend to stay away from metal pieces if you want to use them outdoors.

Whether you need something for your balcony or your rooftop, there is sure to be the right item for you that will match the tone and character you envisioned in this outdoor space. Browse our various styles of outdoor furniture in a variety of materials, finishes and heights.

You may even browse out showrooms to see what we have to offer and get a real insight to the touch and feel of the items.

Written by: Blake Andrews

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