Outdoor Combo Deals Starts Now!

Outdoor Combo Deals Starts Now!

Outdoor Combo Deals Starts Now!

You’ve got a nice exterior setting with an overhead covering to keep the sun rays at bay. All that you need now is to fill the area with some bar stools and bar tables. Why these items? The reason behind this is to create a nice social area where you can hang out with your guests. Let’s move on to our suggestion of the day. The people at Decor8 Hong Kong furniture would like to recommend the Cafe Industrial Loft Bar Table and the Cafe Industrial Loft Bar Stool set. This combo would look amazing with all the wonderful colours available.

The Cafe Industrial Loft Bar Stools are great for saving space. You could have a couple extra stacked up upon each other away from the main setting you have in place. This way you could bring in some extra seating when needed. It’s also great for moving some bar stools out of the way when not in use or when you want to free up the space.

Both the Cafe Industrial Bar Table and Bar Stool are made with steel making them strong and sturdy. This is perfect and can withstand rough treatment from it’s users. The frame is coated with a glossy finish to giving it that amazing shiny look. This combo set is easy to clean with the dirt be able to wipe off with a damp cloth.

This table and bar stool set would make a great addition whether you decide to add them in your exterior space, in your home, or included them in your business setting. You can even both them about to change the setting. Have a lot of people around and want to gather them all in one place? Put the bar tables side-by-side and cover them with a large table cloth. This will make it seem like one large bar table, which can be a nice addition to get large groups of people together.

Buy these today and give your space an awesome social setting that may well be the talking point of your guests.


Written By: Jude Kresnik

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