Outdoor & Indoor Prouve Style Potence Wall Lamp

Outdoor & Indoor Prouve Style Potence Wall Lamp

Outdoor & Indoor Prouve Style Potence Wall Lamp

Whether you need a wall lamp for outdoors or indoors, there will always be a solution. We do recommend that if using lighting outdoors, you place them in sheltered spaces so that they are protected against the harsh Hong Kong environment. We present to you the Prouve Style Potence Wall Lamp from Decor8 Hong Kong furniture

The adjustable wall-mounted Prouve Wall Lamp is a perfect solution for those that want to keep valuable floor space clear. They can easily adapt in different areas and even swing out of the way when not in use. You can even place one that swings out over the dining table, which can help brighten up the area whilst you eat and converse with family and friends.

The Prouve Style Potence Wall Lamp comes in two sizes. Depending on the available space, you can either opt for the short version measuring at 110cm or the long one at 203cm. Both are made with a long metal rod attached to a wall mounting bracket. The material that is used here is steel with a black paint coated finish. The long version features a handle with a wooden knob at the end allowing the light fixture to be easily rotated.

If you do decide to use the Prouve Style Potence Wall Lamp outdoors, be sure to keep it covered when not in use. The last thing you would want to happen is water getting into the fixture. Not only is this dangerous but can also ruin the circuitry of the fixture. Though it would make an nice addition to get a spot light outdoors against the night sky. A relaxing way to do some reading or chatting on warm breezy night. For the perfect setting you could even add a set of outdoor lounge chairs or even an outdoor dining set, which can be great for parties too.

Both of these fixtures can be seen in our showrooms. Wan Chai showroom has the short one whilst our Mong Kok showroom has the larger one. Brighten up your life with one of these cool swivelling lights!


Written by: Jack Mitchell

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