Rain or Shine- Lockford Outdoor Dining Table Set

Rain or Shine- Lockford Outdoor Dining Table Set

Rain or Shine- Lockford Outdoor Dining Table Set

It’s nice to spruce up whatever outdoor space you have, whether it be a small balcony in your apartment or a big patio in the suburbs. A little care and thought can turn the space into a place where you want to spend time in and give you some extra living space. On a nice warm day or night, it is often relaxing to spend it in the great outdoors. Chill out with your family and friends with the Lockford Outdoor Dining Table Set. Perfect for providing an area for people to sit down and eat. It makes a great place to hang out with friends having a few drinks during the warm breezy nights.

The Lockford Outdoor Dining Table is well suited for outdoor use since it can withstand the outdoor elements, no matter if it is rain or shine. The table and chairs are made of synthetic PE rattan, which makes it extremely durable and weather resistant. This material is easy to maintain and clean.

For the local people of Hong Kong, we know that the weather can become harsh and unpredictable. For this reason, we may need to move this dining set indoors. The chairs are stackable, allowing them to be stacked up to six times helping you to save space when you need to store them away.

The durable Lockford Outdoor Dining Table set is available in four different colours. The rattan on the table and chairs gives you the option to choose between white, light grey, black, or brown. The glass top surface of the table can either come in a black or clear glass. You will be able to find the right style you want to set in your outdoor space with all these colour combinations.

This table set can be yours with just a few clicks or you could visit one of our showrooms to make the purchase. Take home the Lockford Outdoor Dining Table Set today!


Written by: Charlie Manson

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