Shopping for Office Chairs in Hong Kong

Shopping for Office Chairs in Hong Kong

Shopping for Office Chairs in Hong Kong

Have you just arrived and moved into your new apartment? Do you need chairs for your office? Finding good quality and low cost office chairs becomes an even more difficult task when you don’t know the area. There are a lot of places which sell office furniture and the first approach is to do some research. Start by looking online and find some office chairs that you may like. If you are unsure of anything don’t hesitate to use the live chat on their website or contact the furniture store for more information.

The next step would be to see if the office chairs are available for show so that you can test the chairs out for yourself. Everyone has a different comfort level so what may seem comfortable to others may not seem comfort you. Remember to look for an ergonomically correct chair with adjustable high and backrest. To help you out why not take a look at this guide written by our staff here at Decor8 Hong Kong furniture.

When it comes to shopping for office chairs in Hong Kong, you need to watch out and pay attention to the delivery and installation charges. Remember don’t just look at the price of the chair but all the extra charges as well. For instance, some furniture stores charge per item for shipping and delivery. This will become pricey when you buy in bulk especially if you are buying for business use. Don’t be afraid to ask about information such as discounts. Some places offer discount when buying in bulk but don’t go as far as haggling prices. Pushing down prices especially when you’ve gotten a discount already makes you look bad and cheap.

Like many people that first come to Hong Kong, I was clueless about the walk up fee charge when you have something delivered. What does this mean? Basically when you order something and your apartment has stairs leading up to it then there is an additional charge. What happens is that they will charge you per floor as well as per item, which can be quite pricey if you buy a lot of items. If you live quite high up then chances are, they won’t offer the service to you. This doesn’t apply to people who have elevators within their building.

If you are looking for high quality office chairs with outlet prices then Decor8 Hong Kong furniture is the place for you. We offer a range of office chairs that has a few customisable options. Most chairs come in either PU synthetic leather or premium genuine leather. Want a more breathable chair? Why not have a look at some of our mesh options which are great during the warm season. Come on down to one of our showrooms and our helpful staff would be happy to serve you.

Written by: Akira Takamoto

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