So…Soap! New Scent Just In

So...Soap! New Scent Just In

So…Soap! New Scent Just In

Got an all important meeting to attend and want to go feeling fresh? Here at Decor8 Hong Kong furniture, we have the solution for you. We present to you our new so…soap! hair and hand products with assorted flavours and smells.

So why get these soaps as opposed to the ones found in conventional supermarkets? There’s a good reason for this and let us tell you why.

This so…soap is made of all-natural ingredients without any artificial chemicals used in its production. This protects your skin from damage and contamination of chemicals. This brand has mother nature on their mind as they work to protect the planet. Each bottle used to contain this solution is comes from sterilised recycled soy milk packaging. This helps to reduce the pollution that is affecting our planet.

So what exactly does each of these bottles of soaps consist of? The solution is made of saponified plant oils, filtered water and natural essential oils. Saponified plant oils is made with a process called saponification. This is a natural chemical reaction that turns fats to soap by mixing it with an alkaline substance.

You can even buy refillable packets so you never run out of your favourite soap. Everything is handmade and made locally in Hong Kong.

Contribute to keeping our Earth clean and try this natural soap out yourself. This helps to keep our earth more lovable and liveable for many years to come.

Drop by our Mong Kok Showroom to view all the available soaps we have on offer and find the scent that matches your mood. If you know what scent you want then you could just make an easy purchase on our website. Our web store is open to you 24/7 and we always look forward to your visit.

Written By: Jane Foster

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