Solid Wood Bench Perfect For Narrow Living Spaces

Solid Wood Bench Perfect For Narrow Living Spaces

Solid Wood Bench Perfect For Narrow Living Spaces

It can be quite difficult to furnish narrow living spaces whether it be a narrow corridor or a tiny apartment. With the tightly packed buildings in Hong Kong, it’s not unusual for people to be living in small apartments with the ever rising living costs. Decor8 Hong Kong furniture is here to help you with an idea to furnish your small interior with a luxury solid wooden piece, which will add some natural warmth into your space.

The Liberty Solid Wood Bench is perfect for narrow living spaces because you can use it to serve more than one purpose at one given moment. Place it by your entryway and you have an area to sit down and get ready, while having some storage space to place your items on.

You could even use the Liberty Bench as a long skinny coffee table. Perfect for those that don’t have enough space for a regular coffee table. It can serve as a slender table option to be place in any part of your room. The added bonus is the ability to use this bench as extra seating options for your guests. It also comes in a wide variety of convenient sizes so you can pick the perfect size for your space.

Crafted with the finest materials imported all the way from Northern America, the Liberty Solid Wood Bench is made from solid oak with a walnut finish. The darken colour of this wood gives a sense of elegance and goes well in a earthly toned environment. Want to see this beautiful bench in all it’s glory? Pop into our showroom in Wan Chai, where you can view this stunningly crafted bench with your very own eyes.

You may even find some other great items that go nicely with this solid wood bench. But you better hurry before someone else snaps up the chance and purchases it first.

Written by: Sam Cheng

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