The Perfect Vanity Table – Stella Solid Wood Dressing Table

The Perfect Vanity Table - Stella Solid Wood Dressing Table

The Perfect Vanity Table – Stella Solid Wood Dressing Table


Ladies have we got news for you. Are you one of those that have a lot of makeup and perfumes lying around? Need a storage area for them? Want an area for you to get ready to go out? If the answer is yes then we have the perfect solution for you. Here at Decor8 Hong Kong furniture, we present to you the Stella Solid Wood Dressing Table. This table has a concealed wide mirror, which looks beautiful when the flip top compartment is opened. The wooden sections inside can be taken out to leave one big storage space or left in to have small organized sections. There is a small space and a drawer next to the flip top compartment which gives room to display your perfume and another storage space for accessories or documents.

The Stella Solid Desk can also function as a study desk, with enough room on the top to place your laptop and a few books. Usually going to university means long overnighters which means lots of cups of coffee. This table is coated with hardwax oil so as long as you wipe it clean after a spillage, there shouldn’t be any stains on the table. The Stella Solid Wood Dressing Table is guaranteed to be a quality piece since it is manufactured with solid oak wood from northern America.

Make sure you plan where to place the Stella Dressing Table since it is quite heavy to move. You’ll want to re.consider if you need a power outlet nearby for cosmetic appliances, laptops or a lamp. Think about foot traffic in the room too since you don’t want the table to interfere and get in the way. Consider a stool or an armless dining chair that slides underneath the table when not in use to save room.

At Decor8 Hong Kong furniture we offer a range of dressing tables which can be viewed here.

Written by Victor Gibson