Strong And Sturdy Industrial Loft Bench

High Back Cafe Industrial Loft Bench with Wood Top

Strong And Sturdy Industrial Loft Bench

How often does one strive for a style that is out of the norm? How about trying a vintage french style vibe for your space? Using a mix of materials with a lot of curvy style furniture can give you a nice setting. Generally to achieve this look you could use the industrial style bench in your space. Check out the High Back Cafe Industrial Loft Bench with Wood Top from Decor8 Hong Kong furniture. This bench plays on raw materials with the reclaimed solid wood top and the metallic material. These features makes this a strong and sturdy industrial loft bench.

The Cafe Industrial Loft Bench doesn’t have any options for the wood top. However the legs can come in a variety of colours. The frame is constructed of steel with a powder coat painted finish. Most of the colours that the legs can come in are glossy colours ranging from white, black, red, yellow and metallic grey. But the most interesting finish of all is the matte antique grey. This eye catching finish gives the bench that raw feel that has gone through time. The raw look is what makes the industrial loft style comes alive.

The thing that sets this aside from most of our other benches is the back rest. It lets you sit back and have an area to place your arms as you relax. While this style may not tickle everyone’s fancy, it can be used in a number of places. They can be seen in both indoor and covered outdoor settings. The Cafe Industrial Loft Bench is perfect for the modern cafe, industrial loft, casual lounge or dining area. Some people have been know to use them in entryways for a place to get ready to go out.

You maybe interested to know more about the materials, like how they look and feel before making the purchase. Whilst we don’t have the exact piece in our showrooms, you can still drop on by to view the materials and the colours available for this bench. Don’t hesitate and come in to learn more about this bench today!

Written by: Sam Cheng

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