Stylish & Functional Clermont Modern Walnut Wood Console Table

Stylish & Functional Clermont Modern Walnut Wood Console Table

Stylish & Functional Clermont Modern Walnut Wood Console Table

Finding a console table with some additional storage, which is both stylish and functional can prove to be a difficult task. You may ask yourself, why would I need a console table with storage? This type of console table can provide different functions depend where it is place. Decor8 Hong Kong furniture presents to you the Clermont Modern Walnut Wood Console Table. This console is a tall, modern storage unit that can be used to keep your interior tidy. It features eight drawers that provide ample storage space to sort and organise your home essentials and small accessories.

The Clermont Console can be used as a high tv cabinet which tends to be more favorable in smaller living spaces. With the higher position of the tv, you will be able to watch it anywhere in the room. In small spaces having a lot of storage can be vital to keeping everything tucked away.

You could even use the Clermont as a place to display your favourite photo frames and other decorative items. This helps brighten up the room and could even bring a bit of nature into the room. To do this, you could add a vase with flowers or a plant in a plant pot on the top surface. The natural wood finish and flowers will complement each other giving the room a fresh look.

Picture this, you’re just getting about of bed and find that you are running late for work. You’re rushing around getting ready and need to get out the door asap. Wouldn’t it be easier if all your items like keys, wallet, change, and accessories were located in one spot for you to find them easily. Placing the Clermont at the entryway will help solve this problem.

Need extra storage space whether it be for clothes or office equipment? The Clermont has many compartments which can be great for storing all kinds of stuff in them. But what if you don’t really need any more storage in these areas? You could even use them to section off rooms by positioning it in an area that can separate living areas from dining areas.


Written by: Elijah Woodly

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