Sweet as Honey! The Versatile Mini Honeycomb Ottoman

Sweet as Honey! The Versatile Mini Honeycomb Ottoman

Sweet as Honey! The Versatile Mini Honeycomb Ottoman

Be a queen bee and make your home as sweet as honey. It’s time to take a look at this versatile Mini Honeycomb Ottoman. This mini ottoman really lives up to its name since it’s so small and doesn’t take up much room. What’s great about these is that they aren’t just small but light too. This makes them portable allowing you to easily carry them anywhere in the home.


Here are just a few functional examples of where you can use this little ottoman stool. You could use it as a foot rest for you lounge chair or sofa. Why not place one or two near an entryway for you to sit down to put on and take off your shoes. Something out of reach then why not use this ottoman as a stepping stool.

For a great fun time, why not cluster a few of these Mini Honeycomb Ottomans together to create a big coffee table. When you have lots of quests, the pieces can come apart to create extra seating for your guests. The Mini Honey Ottomans comes in nine different colours so there is no reason why you can’t have fun with it. Create your own colour scheme for your home to ‘wow’ your guests.

What I love about this Mini Honeycomb Ottoman is that it is easy to clean. With my little ones running around I often worry that they may get the furniture dirty and how I would clean it. With this mini ottoman, it comes with removable covers that can be taken off to be washed.

They aren’t just great for the home, they can be used in a business setting or children playgroups/schools. They can made great additions to waiting rooms to. Just grab one and place it wherever you want and take a seat.


Written by: Jennifer Morgan

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