The Best Office Furniture for Creative Offices

The Best Office Furniture for Creative Offices

The Best Office Furniture for Creative Offices


Whether you are designing furniture for a home office or for your business, some offices can be boring and stifling but read on for some interesting ideas from Decor8 Hong Kong furniture. We have come up with what we believe to be the coolest and a well designed look for the office.

Set 1 – Adler Solid Oak Cubic Shelf 3 Rows; Marcelo Executive Plywood Shell Leather Office Chair; Leitmotiv Lil’ Brass Key Table Lamp

This look adds storage with movement which is great for busy bodies who need to move around a lot. This look shows off a strong sturdy yet modern look, adding hardwood into the mix gives it a natural look with a touch of elegance. The lamp on the table serves two functions, which helps keep your working area illuminated and serves as an accent piece to make the space even more beautiful.

Set 2 – Haru Shelf; Decor8 DAW Style Upholstered Fabric Armchair; Minkoff Solid Oak Wood Desk with Drawer; Bruno Solid Fir Wood Mini Chest; Jacobsen Table Lamp – Special Edition – Light Seafoam Blue

This is the best option when storage becomes a necessity. Perfect setup to keep one organised so that they aren’t panicking trying to find that important document that needs to be sent out. This style sends out a retro vibe with a nice mix of materials complementing each other.

Set 3 – 2x LC7 Swivel Arm Chair; LC6 Table

In my opinion, this setup is great for study groups especially if you don’t want them moving around too much with a comfortable place to stay seated. This chrome, glass and black style contemporary look boasts plenty of style and makes the perfect addition to any office space.

One other thing to add when designing for an office space, try for a happy and inspiring environment since this will contribute to raise workers’ morale. Try adding some plants, decor and paintings to liven up the office space.

Written By: Simon Simpson 


  1. Chirag Dagli says:

    Looks awesome! Perfect inspired space for being creative! I have been working on my home office too but have kind of stalled in the process.. this inspires me to get back at it again!

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